Kristy Rowe

Chaya Derby Pro Team

Name: Kristy Lynn Rowe    

NickName: Harper Bizarre    

Country: USA 

Current Location: Denver, CO

Loving to skate since: childhood, but I re-learned as an adult when I turned 30.

Riding for Chaya/PS since: Started with Juice Wheels in 2017

Current Skate Setup: Custom Onyx boots, 45-degree shiva clip plate, Juice Jolt 94a wheels, & Wicked bearings.

Why do you love to skate? The flow and sense of camaraderie, combined with the ability to constantly grow and push myself.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? Knowing how fast the sport is changing and growing. There’s always something new to learn. 

What was your greatest success? Our team brought home silver at Omaha, NB Continental Cups in 2018.

What is your favorite competition? WFTDA Playoffs 2016 in Montreal at the Olympic Park. It was my first year on the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls A team and my first time competing at such a high level. I jammed against the world's best skaters, reveled in the atmosphere created by our fantastic hosts, and just loved the energy and vibrance of the whole experience. I remember being overwhelmed with emotion when I saw the words “Derby Achievement Unlocked” written in chalk on the ground outside the arena. 

What is your favorite move/trick? 180 Apex Jump

What advice would you like to give? “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” - Dalai Lama

Any hobbies outside of skating? Photography, painting, hiking, travel, petting doggos 

What is your favorite moment in skating? At the 2016 Playoffs in Montreal while wandering through Olympic Park in my team warm-up gear a small child asked their Mom if I was an Olympian. Or that time a young girl approached me for an autograph after a game and said she wanted to learn to skate like me. Or the time that same girl came back a year later and said she was learning to skate. Or every time our Junior skaters learn a new skill and get a big proud smile on their face. Really anytime I can inspire a young person to be fearless and pursue their passion. 

Tell us about your personal philosophy, phrase, ethic, and/or value as a skater! Yes, you can write a book…? Be the contribution you wish to see in your community. Specifically, in roller derby, our organization doesn’t exist without the hard work of volunteers. By contributing you show your love for the sport and the people in it. And there is a role for everyone, no matter how new you might be. I’ve served on our board of directors, as multiple team captains, elected committee positions, and now head up our junior program. I believe these contributions hold me accountable and contribute to the legacy of those who came before me to build this community that I benefit from so enormously. I already said it, but I really believe in kindness. We’re all fighting some kind of battle and a little kindness goes a long way. I’ve tried to embody that kindness in a variety of leadership positions within my league as a way of spreading that ideology. Also - wear your helmet (seriously) and listen to your body. I spent the beginning of 2019 ignoring concussion symptoms until it all came to a head in a spectacular breakdown during a scrimmage against another team. I hung up my skates for months, watched my team compete in a critical tournament from the sidelines, and went through a rollercoaster of emotions while seeking professional treatment. It was incredibly hard to “give up” mid-season and I felt like I was letting down my teammates. But we only get one brain and ultimately you’re no good to anyone pushing through a major injury that leads to greater complications.