Jocelyn Kay

Chaya Park Team

Name: Jocelyn Kay

NickName: Pearl Jam

Country: USA

Current Location: Long Beach, CA

Riding for Chaya: since 2018

Current Skate set up: Eclipse boot, Shiva Plate, Wicked Precision skate bearings, Bones wheels

Why do you love to skate: I love to skate because ever since I was a little girl it brought me more joy than anything in my life. I started on inlines just outside racing the neighborhood kids. As I grew up I found my first real set of friends at the skating rink. I would be there 5 days a week skating and perfecting my skills with my crew. They were my people and they made me feel like I finally had a place in life. Then getting into roller derby and getting the opportunity to play a full-contact sport. I had never felt empowered in my life. Being apart of the community taught me to be proud of who I am and never let anyone make me feel less for any reason. Now getting into park skating, and learning and growing with so many new friends. I achieved so many goals and have been grateful to receive many opportunities due to my love for skating. All skating has ever done for me is create millions of positive memories. Even when I had nothing to my name, nowhere to go, and didn't want to care for myself I had this and it gave me my will to live back.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating: I don't wanna lie about this question, but there are SO many days where I never wanna put on my skates again. Especially when it comes to derby. I am beyond my worst critic. Watching footage of myself often makes me sick because I never feel good enough. I never feel strong enough. I never feel smart enough. I am never in sync enough with my team enough etc. All I do is go over my practice routines and think about how I could have worked harder to better prepare myself. I did end up taking a break at the end of 2019 from skating altogether. I wanted to come back in 2020 but I was not even close to recovering from the hate I put myself through. Recently since I started park skating I have realized how this mindset is what's often preventing me from wanting to keep pushing. I honestly didn't realize I was the problem the whole time. I was the only person stopping me from being the best version of myself. I chose to go back to the basics, the things that made me fall in love with skating in the first place. 2021 I made it a goal to talk more positively to myself internally and externally. I wouldn't forget to celebrate even the little things which I often would not acknowledge because I felt they were things I should've already solidified. It's been a struggle to completely change the way I talk to myself, but I can already feel my light glowing again. Only reminiscing on only my favorite memories. All of this has really revived my will to keep going. I feel stronger than ever.

What is your greatest success: When my league voted me for MVP jammer of the Hollywood Scarlets of 2018. That year was especially hard for me because I was dealing with drug abuse and past traumas that were finally catching up with me. On top of that I was barely 20 years old struggling to make it in the big city of Los Angeles and doing everything I could to convince the people around me I wasn't a little kid and I could do it all on my own. That year was really special because I learned it was okay to ask for help and my team was there for me no questions asked. At the end of the year when I finally began my sobriety they saw me for everything I was trying to convince myself I was. That MVP award symbolized the blood sweat and tears I put into that year. It symbolized all the hard work of making it on my own, getting sober, mending relationships, and being there for my team on and off the track the best that I could. I hold that award so close to my heart because the people I love and care about most are the ones that decided I had earned it. 

What's your favorite place to skate: Currently Harbor City in San Pedro CA, or Brookhurst in Anaheim CA

What is your favorite trick: My favorite trick is probably my airs. I feel like I can get some great height over the coping. Also, it's so fun to try and tweak tricks to make them look just right.

What advice would you like to give: Don't skate for Instagram, skate for yourself. I say this because I see so many people turn into me that drove me away from skating. Constantly needing to post to outdo other skaters, or constantly checking to see what the trends are, what others are doing, etc. It will truly drive you mad CONSTANTLY comparing yourself to others. It's not fair for you to do that. I'm not saying don't post to social media. You should post whatever you want ESPECIALLY what your proud of and the stuff that makes you happy. I just mean don't do it in a way that'll ruin skating for you and make you feel less than another skater. Skate and post because you love it and you're proud of your progress. Don't let what others are doing ruin the joy skating brings to you.

Any hobbies outside of skating: I love my motorcycle and learning tricks on it. I also just recently bought a car to learn how to drift and race.

What is your favorite moment in skating: My favorite moment is seeing other skaters be successful. Nothing is more special than seeing the joy on someone's face after they finally get that trick they've been working on. Or seeing my team so excited once they've completed a play and get lead jammer status out of it. Just seeing hard work pay off and the happiness and drive it brings people. Those moments give me butterflies.

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