Giorgia Bormida

Powerslide Racing Pro Team

Name: Giorgia Bormida

Country: Italia

Current Location: Siena

Loving to skate since: 2003

Riding for Powerslide since: 2018

Current Skate Setup: 4x110

Favorite skate: McCargo Boots

Favorite frames: Powerslide xxx 13,2" 335mm 4x110mm 

Favorite wheels: Green Propel F1

Favorite bearings: WCD HCR swiss bearings.

Why do you love to skate? The feeling of freedom that i try every time that i put on my skates.

What keeps you pushing forward in skating? The belief that I still have a lot to learn from this sport and that I want to achieve important goals.

What is your favorite place to skate? Geisingen and my home track.

What is your favorite trick? Is not a trick but is always the last thing that i do when I go on the start line during the race… I tighten my helmet. 

What advice would you like to give? To always have fun, without fun everything becomes harder. 

Any hobbies outside of skating? I don’t have a lot of free time but I love relaxing in the evening reading poetry books. 

Do you have a life philosophy or phrase that inspires you?  Always see the bright side in everything, one of my favorite phrases is “ Be passionate and be involved in what you believe in, and do it as thoroughly  and fearlessly as you can. “ by Marie Colvin’s.

Some more private questions: What is your favorite food? Ice Cream. 

What is your favorite drink? Fresh water

Racing specific: What is your best marathon time? i don’t know, but i think the Berlin Marathon in 2018 was my best marathon time

What was your greatest success? The third place to the last European championships in the 15000m Elimination 

What is your favorite race? 500m and Elimination