Powerslide inline skates and rolling products

Powerslide was founded in 1994 with only one goal in mind: To make high quality products and components for all types of skaters and skate levels. No matter if you are an absolute beginner choosing your first pair, a seasoned vet adding a new skate to your collection or a world class pro hunting for your next gold, we produce the perfect products you need. From Fitness to Racing, Urban to Aggressive as well as SUV/Off-road or Hockey, Powerslide are industry specialists across the board, offering you the finest and widest range of skates and components on the market.

Skate equipment from skaters for skaters. The company is 100% skater owned and the majority of our employees are also skaters themselves who know and use our products allowing them to deliver professional first-hand experience in their customer service. World class skaters trust and believe in Powerslide equipment to give them the edge they need in their fight to reach the top. Powerslide supports the sport and culture by sponsoring more than 100 skaters and ambassadors worldwide. This huge network allows us to extensively test our products and to gain impeccable feedback to improve them.

Without a doubt, Powerslide is the industry leader in innovation. Our hunger for new and refined products pushes us 365 days a year to look for new concepts, materials and ideas. Powerslide products unify performance, comfort and quality at great prices. Besides our main skate ranges we also offer frames, wheels, bearings, protective gear and helmets as well as clothing, travel gear and accessories following our philosophy of being a one stop shop for all rolling sports equipment.

Powerslide is the parent brand, but as a company Powerslide has also registered and developed several other well-known brands like USD skates, Kizer frames, Matter race wheels, Undercover wheels, Ennui protection, Wicked bearings, MYFIT liners, as well as Chaya roller skates and components. Each of these brands is in a class of their own.

Powerslide enables skaters throughout the world to skate faster, jump higher and break their own limits. Our love for the sport, quality, innovation and attention to detail is reflected in every single item. Powerslide products are tested and approved by the world’s best skaters.