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Vi Evolution - Revolution

Any Skater who slips into the Vi skates and skates on them for a few moments immediately understands why Vi skates are the superior option in inline skating, but for those who did not have a chance to try them yet

here we summarize the advantages of the Vi skates in 10 bullet points:

  • perfect fit with custom MY FIT liner and shell
  • super lightweight - the Vi Flyte is the lightest skate on earth (1165g/size 41)
  • ATOP 360° disc closure system for snug fit
  • Clap-Snap-Wrap, easy, fast and strong closure system
  • top and bottom ventilation for a better climate in your skates
  • anatomically and ergonomically built shell, close to your foot
  • personalized frame set up, with the X slot mounting the boot and frames can be adjusted front & back and side to side for control and performance
  • Unity frames made out of one piece aluminium, super low and strong
  • high quality parts with Powerslide fast spinning bearings and wheels for fast and easy rides and long lasting fun
  • height adjustable braking system (HABS)
Vi Skates

Vi skates are 100% customizable and
100% you!

Fitness collection

Vi Evolution Catalogue
The Vi skates are continuoously evolving and improving, and for those who really want to know the details about the construction of Vi we created a video where we visualised the below listed little changes that made Vi skates to what they are today.

  • The top of the shell - inside and outside - was made wider to release the pressure in the ankle area. This created more comfort and more room for the liner
  • The width of the plastic shell in the area of the base was expanded in order to improve the fit for wider feet and to give some more room to the feet without losing any control
  • The new liner itself, the MY FIT Fat Boy liner is designed for total comfort: The liner is heatmouldable and we added a little extra volume inside. The Vi-shell combined with liner now provides more space in the front area and under the flap, while improving the comfort on the heel and cuff area with thicker soft padding. The tongue starts higher, which means that the front area has no overlapping parts and therefore no pressure points
  • More space was created by the new toe connector, which is 2mm higher than the previous one, giving you 2mm extra space in the front foot area. No pressure onr the toes and they have the right amount of space to move
  • We modified the shell and the flap. The front cross channel of the lacing was taken out, so now the lacing begins a little higher. This also releases the pressure off the toe area, further improving the comfort
  • We changed the inner padding of the flap. Its thinner, more effective with less volume, providing additional comfort and a better performance. The flap now closes better and the foot is wrapped and locked in perfectly
  • To prevent the flap from bending a new structure was added to the inside. The flap is strong and stiff, keeping its shape resisting the force of the metal wires

  • The top shape of the flape was widened, so it fits better around the foot. Now with the new shape and the new liner, the flap closes tighter and the feeling of the 360 degree wrap is not only visible but also can be felt in performance and comfort
  • The lace channels on the flap were deepened, to prevent the wire from being damaged when falling and sliding
  • The hardware inside the shell was modified to be thinner and to fit perfectly to the shell, guaranteeing 100% comfort also in the sensitive ankle area
  • If necessary, the shell can also be heatmoulded to the shape of your foot, similar to our MY FIT liners. The shell is made of heatmouldable material for a perfect custom fit
  • The bottom of the skate was completely modified to make sure the new 3 wheel frames can be mounted closer to the boots, resulting in perfect control and a super low center of gravity for three wheels frames

All Vi changes
Vi skates feature fully heatmouldable MyFit liners and MyFit shells. All new Vi fitness skates come with the incredibly comfortable MY FIT FAT BOY liners.

MyFit stands for customizability through heatmoulding. When you would like to heatmould the complete skate we advise you to do this in any MyFit pro shop that posesses a special MyFit heatmoulding oven. But the heatmoulding of the liners can be done comfortably at home.

And for this reason we have created a new video where our very own ANNA BRYAN explains how to heatmould the liners and hence customize the fit of your vi skates completely to your own feet.

Vi Collection
As they are completely heatmouldable, Vi Skates fit everybody. But besides fitting all skaters, they also are available for all segments. Powerslide offers the Vi boot system for nearly all segments of skating.

In fact the mother of all Vi skates is the VI PRO CARBON, developed in close cooperation with our Argentinian skating boots specialist SERGIO Mc CARGO. The Vi Pro carbon is the only full carbon speedskating boot in the market, and on this boot various world cups and world titles were gathered. The new Vi Pro Carbon is about to come out and will be even better than the first version.

Then of course we have our Vi fitness collection, furthermore we have the Vi FSK and the Vi Supercruiser for freeskating, the Vi SUV for all terrain skating, the XC Trainer and XC Path for Nordic skating and finally the Vi RS Junior for kids. And if you do not fit into any of these categories, then the Vi Fothon skates might be something for you!

Here is an overview for you, choose your Vi skate now.
Vi Collection