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Triskates - get MORE with LESS

Skate Berlin on 125mm Skates
Are you dreaming of the chance to skate on the 125mm Triskates? And are you coming to the Berlin marathon?

Then today is your lucky day, because POWERSLIDE is offering you the unique opportunity to skate the BERLIN MARATHON on saturday September 26th on our 125mm Triskates: Either on the IMPERIAL MEGACRUISER or on the GRAND PRIX skates.

Just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give us you size so we can make sure we have a pair for you.

  • Only reserved skates will be given out, so make sure you contact us ASAP
  • The only thing we would like in return is that you give us a short statement after the race on how your 3 wheels experience was

So skate our 125mm TRISKATES on the biggest skating marathon in the world for FREE!

personal word
Triskates with 125mm was first thought of on a hot day during the 2012 world championships with our wheel partner Matter. Then in 2013 we displayed the first product at the world championships, and everyone thought we were crazy. It was met with comments like "that will never work". However, us being Powerslide - leaders of the industry, we had been testing the product for months, we believed in its performance gains so much we perfected and persisted.

We saw the first signs of the true potential earlier this year where our team dominated Las Vegas, from then on the flood gates opened. One person in a training group would start on 125mm, then another, and before you knew it, if you weren't on 125mm you weren't able to follow the group anymore. Then our competitors followed in our footsteps (again). Remember those same people who thought we were crazy, well we guess they tested 125mm for themselves because now every major skating brand has products relating to 125mm. Maybe we weren't so crazy after all.
Now on the eve of the Berlin Marathon there is a mad rush for 125mm, people have felt the speed, or seen their competitors rolling away and with Berlin being the biggest marathon in the world, they all want a piece of the magic. So once again, thank you for your support. Each and every person that supports Powerslide and Matter has been a piece of the 125mm story. No matter what the ultimate decision from FIRS will be, 125mm is here to stay, and it’s because of your continued support. Don’t stop the evolution – keep it rolling. Triskating with 125mm leads into a new era of skating, faster, more exciting and it has already changed the public view on skating.

Now more than ever: WE LOVE TO SKATE

GET MORE with less:
  • MORE speed
  • MORE power
  • MORE fun
  • MORE control
  • MORE wins
with less WHEELS!
Swell Fitness Skates

During the early 90’s when inline skates first became popular, the biggest reason was because of FITNESS skating. It always will be the biggest segment of skating because kids, teenagers, adults and even old people can enjoy inline skating as a healthy, easy, fun and safe sport. Many studies point to inline skating as the number one calorie burning activity. With the current boom of fitness culture, the growing popularity of running and sportswear as well as new healthy food trends, it’s about time people embrace the fact that inline skating has returned as the best thing to stay fit. Inline skating helps to perfectly shape your body by strengthening your legs and back, with low impact on the joints! Fitness skating is of the best full body workouts you can get, all while enjoying sunshine and the outdoors.

Over the last 15 years fitness skates have become entry level skates with slow wheels, soft frames, with no attention to detail or design. They are made with cheap materials resulting in uncomfortable, floppy and non-durable skates. These are the skates most people have access to, which means most people refuse to buy inline skates or simply quit after a short time. FITNESS skating is not a walk in the park and it’s not for beginners. It’s very controlled and not just for transportation or the first step to learning how to Freeskate or speed skate. FITNESS skating isn’t just for recreation; it’s in a league of its own category for high-level athletes.

The POWERSLIDE SWELL line was designed to create high quality and high performance inline skates specifically for intense fitness training. Skates that feel good and make people look good. SWELL skates provide control, confidence, and durability and are pleasant to roll in thanks to the anatomical shell with a super thin sock-like knit upper, high quality materials and fast and durable wheels and bearings.

SWELL is creating a new wave of fitness skaters, proving that inline skating is a legitimate work out. INLINE skating is more fun than the gym, more exciting and less harmful for the knees than running, more convenient and inexpensive than cycling and it can be practiced everywhere, indoors or outdoors, alone or with friends.

It’s time to burn some calories and keep moving. LET’S ROLL!

Megacruiser Triskates

2015 is the year of the revolutionary IMPERIAL MEGACRUISERS with 125mm wheels. With the Megacruiser skates we did something nobody held for possible. We successfully introduced 125mm 3 wheels skates in the urban skating segment. In fact with the Megacruisers we introduced a whole new sports displine: TRISKATING.

Our new slogan for Triskating says it all:

LESS wheels give you
  • MORE speed
  • MORE roll
  • MORE control
  • MORE fun

We currently have our Imperial Megacruisers available in Yellow, white and PRO, and already they are among our best sold models. Join the revolution and get your TRISKATES ASAP.