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Spring is here - get out and skate!

Phuzion is the softboot fitness skates collection from Powerslide and it offers all you can demand from a great softboot; comfort, breathability, sleek design and performance. But Phuzion offers more than other softboot skates

Phuzion skates are unique for the following reasons:

  • different man and women last for perfect fit for each gender
  • one piece UNITY aluminium frames on all models, super low, light and responsive
  • lightweight construction with supportive skeleton shell
  • frame balance system (FBS) for personalized frame mounting and perfect stable stride and push
  • 195mm mounting for endless customization possibilities, from 4 wheels to 3 wheels to Nordic or speed setups, Phuzion can do it all.
  • CUSTOM CUFF system to adjust width of lower cuff from small over medium to large position to fit both stronger and thinner calf muscles
  • great look and design on high quality materials
  • high quality wheels and bearings to out roll the competition

The Phuzion collection is comprehensible, one man and one women model for every wheel size, from 80mm to 84mm to 90mm and finally 100mm. As well as this two urban models are offered for the younger generation that is all about having fun on wheels.

Fitness collection

Phuzion kids
3 models, 3 price points and always boys and girls models.

Why choose Phuzion kids skates?:

  • all models offer ALUMINIUM FRAMES, not only stiff and stable but also highly resistant against high impacts, from jumps to hockey games, kids can´t break these skates.
  • solid, unique and strong shells packed with support and performance
  • easy and solid SIZE ADJUSTMENT system
  • BIG WHEELS mean fun and lots of roll
  • ONE PIECE LINERS, stretchable for more comfort and support
  • great designs combined with high quality materials
Phuzion Kids
PHUZION KIDS skates offer an entry level softboot with the FUN model, a HIGH QUALITY HARDBOOT with the PHUZION 1 and HIGH END SOFTBOOT with the all loved PHUZION 3. So try them all, kids will love them, as also in our kids skate you can see and feel the love for skating at Powerslide.
Doop was born in 2012

as the solution to all skate limitations with the following fundamental elements:

  • Comfort, with the ability to wear your own shoes
  • Convenience, with a simple, inbuilt carry system
  • Allowing the user to be true to their own style thanks to minimalistic design
  • High quality and long lasting hardware perfectly designed to be suited for beginners and experienced riders alike

Thanks to their unique and patented design, Doop skates are customizable to your shoe size, allowing you the comfort of your own shoes while you skate. Doop skates have been tried and tested by professionals and are proven to help you stay fit while enjoying your city and promoting an eco friendly lifestyle. All 2015 DOOP skates models feature the shock absorber with built in quick release system for easy size adjustment. Each DOOP skate has its own unique features targeting a specific group of people. With the Swift model with 3x110mm wheels, a superfast solution for urban commuters looking for a convenient means of transport. The DOOP FREESTYLE, introducing the appealing Smile wheel design, with 45° buckle for extra hold and support, and the solid wheel that is made to take some punches.


For the stylish young woman living in the big city we created the Swerve model with its unique design. 3 Velcro straps for the highest ease of use. And finally the Urban model, the basic Doop skate, a true evergreen fit for everybody who wants a cool skate that is easy to take on and off. MAKE IT A DOOP DAY!

Powerslide stands alone with our spectacular SUV products, both Vi SUV and Metropolis SUV are redefining the way you can experience skating. Finally skates exist that can go offroad, without being excessively heavy, excessively expensive or excessively difficult to handle.

With the short maneuverable 3x125mm frame any skater now has the chance to take skating down places where he/she would never have dreamt of. The possibilities are endless, no matter if you want to go uphill with poles, downhill with full body protection or simply take your SUV´s out for a ride in the woods.

  • SUV is perfect for ever skater, every season, every terrain and all weather

The rustproof bearings in the Vi SUV will not give up on you at the first drop of water, they will remain functional even if you are going through the wetlands of Florida or get caught in a thunderstorm in Scotland.
The SUV skates were made to give more fun to skaters out there, and they are succeeding impressively. We would like to invite you to give them a try and be sure to let us know about your own personal SUV experience, as SUV is going places not even Powerslide would have thought possible, for example kite surfing in the deserts around Dubai!