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new ennui catalogue 2016
Any skater or biker knows how dangerous their activity can be and if you have been skating long enough your body will have collected a large number of injuries just as we all have.

The question is, why not wear protective gear?
For us, protective gear shouldn’t be an obstacle to practice skating but an accessory, something that can be actually cool and complement your style.
At the same time, it should protect you against injuries to help you to push your mind and body to the limit.

Ennui catalogue as PDF

ENNUI™ is a new concept of protective gear specifically designed for urban sports, all non motorized wheeled sports, and for all sizes of wheels. As skaters our aim is to create protective gear that we would wear ourselves, gear that keeps us safe and protects our bodies against all sorts of injuries while at the same time being nobtrusive, comfortable and looking great while wearing them on the streets. It doesn’t matter if you are into skateboarding, bmx, fixed gear bikes, mtb, longboarding, inline-skating, derby, streetboarding or scooter, we offer a wide range of specialized products to cover your safety needs.

Urban sports are extremely fun, don’t ruin the experience with the wrong gear, choose ENNUI™.

Chaya is the new pure roller derby and rollerskate brand from Powerslide.
We have been working on it for over three years to perfect our product line and to make sure we introduce a unique design which does not compare with any other brand on the market.

Chaya's image is clean, pure, and only focused on what is needed for boots and plates. Fully functional product with great design and style combining function and fashion.
Chaya Diamond Quad
The great advantage when you launch a new brand is that you can listen to consumers and dealers and incorporate their ideas in the product range. Being inside skating for 40 years and having the company background in roller skating we brought a lot of new things to the table which will help the skater perform better at every level of skating. The unique selling point for Chaya is the patented Dual Center Mount. For the first time ever you can put a roller skate together with just two screws, so no extra mounting and drilling work, no misplaced frames, and no discussion about forward or backward mount. Now you are able to adjust the plate in the position you want, move it forward and backward and also on the front you can move it side to side. You will always find your perfect balance & setup and enjoy skating like never before. You can even adjust the frame from event to event if needed, from flat track to bank track or from indoor to outdoor. Now you are free to choose and move, now it's Time.

Chaya Collection

Undercover Wheels by Matter
The Merge UC and Matter FSK

UNDERCOVER WHEELS have been the leader in the aggressive wheel market for several years. Arguably the best PU compound available paired with a great team of world-class skaters as well as creative and colourful designs. Now, were ready for the next big step. A of now, UNDERCOVER is teaming up with MATTER, the legendary leader of the racing and freeskating world to create the ultimate urban wheel brand. Both brands have combined forces to start a new era of skating, meaning that the differences between all disciplines are disappearing, resulting in one big united community of skaters. Aggressive skating and Freeskating are coming together more and more - skaters having fun on their skates in cities,parks and streets. It is not just about grinding or sliding or jumping anymore, it is about enjoying life on wheels. Add the new revolutionary 3 wheel skates with big wheels and you have a new cool segment for skating, targeting the new young generation.

Undercover Wheels by Matter

UC is known for unmatched quality and performance and Matter FSK for having the fastest, most durable and grippiest wheels on the planet. Putting these two together under one umbrella - UC by Matter, we created a new urban brand, with unique design, look and outstanding quality.
All made in USA, all sizes from antirocker 45mm to urban 125mm Triblade wheels. No other brand on the planet offers this selection and especially the colour choices to be able to customize your skates as you desire.

The Team around UC with its skaters in aggressive:
  • headed by Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski (also running social Media for UC)
  • Ian McLeod, Nick Lomax, Jeph Howard and Eugen Enin will be joined by FSKs best from around the globe
  • the Czapla´s sisters, the best speed slalom skaters like Tiziano Ferrari, Barbara Bossi
  • some of the best Freestylers in the world like Lorenzo Guslandi and top slide skaters like Aleksey Martsenyuk

The UC by MATTER collection offers multiple choices of sizes, durometers, PU formulas, profiles and colours, covering all needs of the MATTER followers as well as bringing new options such as the brand new 125mm wheels especially designed for the 3 wheel movement.

Undercover Wheels by Matter

It doesnt matter what you do on your skates, whether its sliding, grinding, jumping or cruising, if you want the best quality there is only one choice: UC by MATTER- the ultimate wheel brand.
The UC by MATTER "Wildlife" collection offers the largest and finest selection of wheels ever released to the inline market, to create the best looking custom setups ever. Please find attached the new collection, the best of the best. Make sure you check out the updated Facebook and Instagram while we work on a new and updated webpage to match the growth and domination of UC around the world.
Hard to stop the best and fastest wheels on the planet!

- UC we put colour under your feet -

khaan freeskate
Autumn is Freeskating season at Powerslide, and we are happy to have many of our 2016 models already in now.

For example the Imperial Megacruiser Triskates: pure adrenaline, pure fun, pure speed, pure agility.
Exploring the city was never easier and faster than with this 125mm urban setup. The rigid hardshell provides perfect stability. The Imperial Megacruiser is born to skate fast with great style.

At the same time, also the brandnew 2016 IMPERIAL ONE are already available in the different color versions: White/Black, Fluor and Blue. The Imperial One is the perfect day to day skate for you. This skate scores with a comfy liner that feels great on your feet. The skate features an aluminium frame, 80mm Spinner wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. There is no more excuse to stay home, so get your Imperials and get skating NOW!
And we just introduced our completely new KHAAN skates, in basic black and in pink. The Khaan freeskate wont let you down. The rigid shell and cuff offer great support and the extruded and CNC machined frame is stiff and reactive as you will like it. The liner feels comfortable right at first time you skate. The Khann is a perfect allround skate for transportation, cruising or freeskating.

Finally for people looking for solid price point quality skates we have our no nonsense but great quality for an even better price PLAYLIFE BRONX and LEGION skates. Two different hardboots catering the need of beginning skaters and freeskaters who don´t want to spend a lot.

Stay tuned as more exciting 2016 FSK models will enter the Powerslide warehouse...

FSK Collection